Case for canceling the signal-shielding of electromagnetic radiation

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Signal cancellation housing-For shielding electromagnetic radiation

Very light and elegant cordur case whose inner layer is made of woven conductive material

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Materiál: Nylon
Skladem (8 pcs) | 55/NYL
Delivery to: 28/05/2024
€18,64 excl. VAT
Materiál: Cordura
Skladem (2 pcs) | 55/COR
Delivery to: 28/05/2024
€18,64 excl. VAT

Product detailed description

Just as electromagnetic waves are prevented from getting inside, radio communication of the device inside a closed case is also prevented. You do not call the mobile phone inside, nor does the device itself transmit any information to the surroundings. This applies to devices operating in all used radio communication bands: WiFi, GPS, GSM, UMTS, DCS, CDMA, DECT, etc. If you are consumed by the idea that perhaps someone can eavesdrop on you via mobile phone, you can rest easy after closing the device in the case. In addition, the phone will certainly not disturb you by ringing without having to turn it off.

The housing absorbs up to 99.9% of radio radiation and thus achieves an attenuation of about 90dB. The effects of heavier X-ray scanners are also reduced. For these reasons, the case is ideal for safe travel when traveling with credit cards, storage media and movies, especially in the far reaches. You never know how many security scanners you will go through, what devices your suitcase will move around during check-in, and what electromagnetic smog your items will be exposed to. If you want to use the case for a mobile phone, it is equipped with two flaps - one is not closed with shielding material (the phone is normally functional) and after moving to the other, the network is suddenly unavailable without the need to turn off.

Material: Cordura
Black colour
Length: 195mm
Width: 105mm

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JB Avatar of author Funguje jak má!! 05/03/2022 17:00
Osobně vyzkoušeno. telefon je "mrtvý". Doporučuji. JazeB.