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1PC Replacement 159mm 7 Sections Telescopic Antenna SMA male for Radio TV DIY NEW wholesale price (1)
€6,45 excl. VAT

Telescopic antenna 7 sections long, 120 mm, total 480 mm with SMA male connector

Code: 1465
H6ee653df51eb4701b2fa846fb95903feF 04
€118,48 excl. VAT

The natural environment in which we live has a certain amount of radiation, real-time data will fluctuate within a certain range, and the daily use of nuclear radiation detector...

Code: BR-9B
51wlg8d0evL. AC SL1001
€33,61 excl. VAT

Exclusive voice changer for mobile phones. Compatible with most existing mobile phones and computers, especially Android and iOS

Code: VS9
Digital sound level meter for measuring noise level 30 ~ 130dB SNDWAY SW-523
€60,77 excl. VAT

Need to test the sound level? Try our digital sound level meter. It is equipped with a wide measuring range (30 - 130 dB). It is portable and easy to use as a practical tool for...

Code: SW-523
Fashion high accuracy mini Alcohol Tester breathalyzer alcometer Alcotest remind driver safety in roadway diagnostic tool.jpg 960x960
€20,02 excl. VAT

The digital alcohol tester AT-818 has an automatic switch-off and has an LCD display with a blue backlight. It will show you the measurement result within 5 seconds. This handy...

Code: AT818
€21,73 excl. VAT

The year-round solar lamp is characterized by very high resistance to high and low temperatures and to dust, pollen, water and humidity. This garden solar lamp can be used in...

Code: KD48
€43,79 excl. VAT

GPS speedometer for universal use on motorcycles in cars, planes or boats. It measures the current speed. It has a refresh rate of 10Hz so it has a very fast response to motion...

Code: C60
DE SOUL 3 Button Flip Key Folding Car Key Shell for kia Sportage Picanto 3 Rio.jpg 640x640
€13,21 excl. VAT

Replacement key cover with 3 buttons for KIA vehicles

Code: 799
consul 2 kryt plast 1
€6,45 excl. VAT

Emgeton Consul 2 - Rear plastic cover Replacement white plastic cover for Tablet Emgeton Consul 2

consul 3 zakladni deska
€11,92 excl. VAT

Emgeton Consul 3 - Motherboard Replacement motherboard for 8GB Tablet Emgeton Consul 3 and other tablets marked MID_7 # PBC VRE05

€11,61 excl. VAT

Consul 3 digitizer-Touch glass. Replacement 7 "touch glass for Tablet Digitizer designation PINGBO / PB70DR9011-R1

consul 3 zadni kryt
€6,72 excl. VAT

Emgeton Consul 3- Rear Cover Replacement aluminum back cover for Emgeton Consul 3 tablets

vicko octavia 1
€30,25 excl. VAT

Tank cap Škoda Octavia - stainless steel

Code: VI-OCT
prsten darth vider 1
€13,45 excl. VAT

Star Wars Darth Vader ringMaterial: Stainless steel

Code: 559/11
privesek hook pick 6 planzet 1
€30,25 excl. VAT

Hook Picks pendant - 6 plates with tensioner High-quality stainless steel set that is easy to hide in your pocket, so you can use it whenever you need it. Its advantage is the...

Code: 110688
dekoder hu92 2
€54,69 excl. VAT

BMW key decoder + HU92 / 2 in1 blade With this decoder, you will find out the position of the tumblers in the lock and after reading you will be able to produce a spare key....

€29,21 –17 %
€20,02 excl. VAT

Lishi Laser pick HU58 tool for BMW 4-track cars

Code: HU58-4-TRACK
€29,21 –17 %
€20,02 excl. VAT

Lishi Laser pick HU92 tool for BMW cars

Code: HU92
€29,21 –17 %
€20,02 excl. VAT

Lishi Laser pick VA2T tool

Code: 535
solarni vodni cerpadlo 50f 24150S 1
€82,50 excl. VAT

Solar water pump 50F-24150S 24V / 1200L / h / 2 phase The pump is designed for pumping clean water. The design of the pump guarantees a long service life.The motor does not...

Code: 105552
€4,45 excl. VAT

Spices with AlienMode logo-set 4PCS

Code: 469
digitalni inclinometer dxl360s 1
€139,25 –12 %
€101,50 excl. VAT

Digital inclinometer - Inclinometer DXL360S with built-in magnet, gyroscope function and 0.01 ° resolution 1) DXL360S / C: High accuracy ± 0.05 °, high resolution 0.01 °2) Dual...

Code: 99687
diamantova zkousecka tester 1
€40,40 excl. VAT

Diamond authenticity tester-diamond tester The tester is designed mainly to determine the authenticity of diamonds, but it can also be used to find out, for example, a fake...

Code: 65130
datalogger teploty vlhkosti a rosneho bodu 1
€75,58 –24 %
€47,19 excl. VAT

Dual-channel USB data logger for temperature, humidity and dew point BTH1

Code: 106294
€4,28 excl. VAT

11-in-1 stainless steel multifunction card - Stainless steel construction- Professional design and appearance Více o zdrojovém textuPro další informace o překladu je...

Code: 409
uchyt kamery sloup 3
Post holder
Skladem (3 pcs)
€11,92 excl. VAT

Post holder Can be used to attach eg a camera, solar panel to a mast to a railing, etc.

Code: SLOUP01