Nože pocházejí ze soukromé zbírky a jsou nové a nepoužité, i přesto mohlo dojít při skladování k drobným oděrkám a proto je prodáváme s výrazně nižší cenou než v ostatních obchodech.

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cs 28e
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Cold Steel Grik – je moderní zavírací nůž pro každodenní využívání. Základem je 74 mm dlouhá čepel z oceli AUS 8a. Rukojeť nože je vyrobena z materiálu Long...

Code: F138
154bf09780e10321077e21e1fd18fef9b4e27168 (1)
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€112,06 excl. VAT

AD-10 je designově velmi propracovaný zavírací nůž s hladkým ostřím z dílny Andew Demka. Působí robustně a již napohled si sjednává respekt.

Code: F133
€165,68 –33 %
€91,14 excl. VAT

Řada Mr. Blade Hardy, vyráběná společností Lion Steel v Itálii, je sadou robustních řezných nástrojů, které snadno zvládnou i ty nejnáročnější práce. Jejich neobvyklý tvar...

Code: F131
120705 cold steel razor tek 4
€94,50 –33 %
€51,93 excl. VAT

Tento nůž byl navržen tak, aby plnil různé úkoly. Primárně je určen jako nůž EDC pro ty, kteří dávají přednost pevné čepeli před skládací. Texturované šupiny a vroubkování na...

Code: F129
73511 1 g i tanto
€43,10 –27 %
€25,79 excl. VAT

A durable knife for outdoor enthusiasts. It is also well balanced for throwing. Thanks to its full tank construction, the GI Tanto is intended for extreme use. The tanto-shaped...

Code: F127
€106,37 –26 %
€65 excl. VAT

Do you know the favorite knife of members of the United States Marine Corps? Definitely the Cold Steel Leatherneck Tanto, which was specially made to honor this Marine. You...

Code: F126
cold steel razor tek csfx65rzr (2)
€165,68 –25 %
€101,60 excl. VAT

A knife for working in difficult conditions with very pleasant ergonomics and a comfortable grip. The blade is stronger than the smaller models of this series, so the knife is...

Code: F125
Houbáček - malý nůž - Ruční výroba
€51,93 excl. VAT

Small knife 8.5 cm - rosewood handles. Steel N690 / 60-61 hrc. Cowhide case - quality handmade by Pavel Spitzenberger.

Code: 044
GROIN KNIVES RedBlack nůž - ruční výroba
€104,21 excl. VAT

GROIN KNIVES - RedBlack od výrobce DARKEDGE KNIVES (Pavol Jarabica) Čepel N690Co 59-60HRc s povrchem ShSW, střenky G10 Damascus RedBlack, povrch Termit Progres Klasic, šrouby...

Code: 077
€126,14 –37 %
€65 excl. VAT

Maxpedition has introduced a pair of new Maxpedition Excelsa folding knives with a framelock.Maxpedition Excelsa knives, according to the manufacturer, use unique technical...

Code: 116
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€25,79 excl. VAT

A small folding knife with a classic blade shape. It bears the name of the popular Colt semi-automatic pistol. The shape of the handle resembles the grip of a weapon.

Code: 115
17601 1 nuz qsp pangolin qs105 a black g10
€54,96 –28 %
€32,58 excl. VAT

The QSP Pangolin folding knife is a reliable knife made of quality materials. The D2 tool steel blade has a thickness of 3.5 mm, a satin finish and a flat ground. The blade is...

Code: 111
vyr 40907 1
€17,94 excl. VAT

The closing knife from the Dellinger manufactory is a faithful partner for everyday use. It features a very sharp and tough 8Cr14MoV steel blade. Practical size and impeccable...

Code: 110
CRKT 2490 SQUID - zavírací nůž
€25,79 excl. VAT

Small but durable Nicely crafted CRKT folding knife with durable all-metal construction. It's a small, practical, easy-to-use knife that fits in any pocket. Technical data The...

Code: 109
GB30001813 1
€54,96 –31 %
€31,01 excl. VAT

Larger folding knife with a modern design, durable construction, Pivot lock mechanism and a pleasant G10 handle. The knife is strong enough and can handle rougher work.

Code: 107
SW1122582 2
€51,01 –28 %
€30,23 excl. VAT

With a spear point blade and full tang construction, this knife offers a large cutting surface that can be used with full force thanks to the texture on the G10 material handles.

Code: 105
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€25,79 excl. VAT

Everyday (EDC) knife Puma TEC 381011 with fixed blade with smooth edge in AISI 420 stainless steel, with beast logo integrated into the blade. The handle is made of Zebrano wood...

Code: 104
GE6904 01 gerber ge6904 01
€58,92 –30 %
€33,63 excl. VAT

SILENT PREDATOR GATOR FIXEDSuperior materials and an attractive design have resulted in a solid and efficient knife that serves as a quality benchmark for all others. EASY...

Code: 102
74802 gerber strongarm fixed blade black
€114,27 –33 %
€62,38 excl. VAT

A fixed blade knife with a straight edge that you can rely on.Simplicity, durability, quality. A classic that doesn't play with anything - made in the USA. One of the...

Code: 101
€106,37 –32 %
Skladem (1 pcs)
€59,77 excl. VAT

Cold Steel's OSS solid knife with a double-edged edge is valued among hunters and members of the armed forces, especially members of the military community.

Code: 099
€17,94 excl. VAT

COLUMBIA hunting survival outdoor hunting knife

Code: 094
RUI Tactical 32000 Energy Taniwha - pevný nůž
€51,40 –27 %
€31,01 excl. VAT

Perfect fixed blade knife RUI Tactical 31909 from Spain. It is a durable integral knife on which the handle is made of G10 material. The handle is shaped and fits well in the...

Code: 090
NŮŽ MACO 16,5 - MICARTA - Ruční výroba
€104,21 excl. VAT
Code: 089
LionSteel 0154 21066 (1)
€189,40 –27 %
€114,05 excl. VAT

Lionsteel M5B G10 - is a very durable and massive knife with a solid blade. The blade is 115 mm long and 4.5 mm thick, so it can withstand prying and is generally a suitable...

Code: 088
muela typhoon 15w
€78,69 –28 %
€46,69 excl. VAT

Combat knife Typhoon 15W from the Spanish company Muela. Integral 440 steel blade with micarta handles. At the end of the knife there is a hole for threading a cord through. A...

Code: 085
€193,36 –26 %
€117,28 excl. VAT

Navrženo renomovaným zakázkovým nožířem Allenem Elishewitzem. Pilovité ostří na horní straně čepele pro ještě větší spektrum použití. Velmi účinný při sekání, řezání a jiných...

Code: 084
R100S Grohmann 100 Large Skinner Outdoor Dream Rosewood Stainless GR21059 2 95212
€110,72 –28 %
€65 excl. VAT

X100S Large Skinner folding knife, saber cut, high carbon steel blade (4110), Xtra Water-Resistant Hard Resinwood handle, leather sheath.

Code: 083
muela pointer 12m
€70,38 –28 %
€41,47 excl. VAT

Muela Pointer 12R knife, durable integral construction, laminated pakka wood handles, lanyard hole, guard, leather sheath.

Code: 082
7205001 ar
€29,97 excl. VAT

The PUMA XP forever survival knife is the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Even the appearance is significantly different from our classic hunting knives and shows...

Code: 079
typhoon 15n e1527543424668
€98,46 –26 %
€59,77 excl. VAT

Combat knife Typhoon 15N from the Spanish company Muela. Integral 440 steel blade with micarta handles. At the end of the knife there is a hole for threading a cord through. A...

Code: 074
cd7da4b0 nuz gerber moment s pevnou cepeli
€25,79 excl. VAT

A very good design knife for everyday work. Many years of experience were reflected in its development.

Code: 073
puma ip dexter orange i outdoorovy nuz
€41,47 excl. VAT

All PUMA IP (international production) knife models are high-quality products that are created in collaboration between PUMA Solingen and well-known partner manufacturers in...

Code: 068
eng pl Muela Springer PakkaWood Satin SPRINGER 11R 116878 1
€37,81 excl. VAT

Muela Springer 11 R knife, integral construction, wooden handle, anatomically shaped handle, leather case.

Code: 067
10758 4 nuz real steel doppler stonewash blue black
€49,31 excl. VAT

Real Steel Doppler is among the new products of this brand for 2019. It is a massive knife with a solid blade of full tang design. Thanks to this, it is well suited for heavy...

Code: 066
€101,60 excl. VAT

Perrin Street Beat Black Blade An ordinary, slim and even lighter 88g, compact version of the legendary Perrin Street Bowie Black Blade. The perfect tactical knife behind a...

Code: 065
5070 nuz muela husky 10 m
Nůž Muela Husky 10-M
Skladem (1 pcs)
€51,93 excl. VAT

The Muela Husky 10-M hunting knife is made of one piece of X50CrMoV15 steel with a hardness of 57-58 HRC, which makes it very durable and will withstand even the most demanding...

Code: 057
€59,77 excl. VAT

A solid knife with graceful shapes, ideal for everyday use. The author of the design is Eric Garza. The blade of the knife is made of 1095 steel with a black surface treatment,...

Code: 052
crkt snarky 01cr827
€28,40 excl. VAT

CRKT Snarky small folding knife, one-handed opening, curved blade, black plastic handles, pocket clip, linerlock safety.

Code: 051
13454 9 nuz crkt piet linerlock
€27,36 excl. VAT

The CRKT Piet is a smaller and lighter knife for everyday use. It is perfectly balanced, slim, and weighs only 71 grams. The GRN (glass fiber reinforced nylon) handle is...

Code: 050
14978 cold steel finn wolf red
€33,63 excl. VAT

An everyday carry (EDC) knife designed for hunters, fishermen and the outdoors in general. The Finn Wolf is equipped with the Tri-Ad Lock safety system. The lock prevents the...

Code: 049
€114,27 –39 %
€57,16 excl. VAT

CRKT K340KXP Bombastic folding knife, one-handed opening, dagger shape, double-sided guard, pocket clip, lanyard hole, linerlock.

Code: 046
imgfeaa4ba511e72eea3959758185819 1 f8085a14cad93e2d476ecdd3a4334643a77cbcbd
€114,27 –31 %
€65 excl. VAT

CRKT 2265 Xolotl folding knife, dagger-shaped blade, one-handed flipper opening, non-slip G10 handles, repositionable pocket clip, linerlock safety.Reason for discount: Small...

Code: 045
CR7031 1
€40,17 excl. VAT

Smaller folding knife CRKT 7031 Full Throttle, one-handed assisted opening, handle in combination of steel and G10, frame lock safety, pocket clip.

Code: 040
Spyderco tenacius black SC122GBBKP nowe
€46,69 excl. VAT

The Spyderco Tenacious is an unrivaled combination of affordability, performance and technicality, which is why it is a real bestseller among users.The satin-finished 8Cr13Mov...

Code: 038
hilwod titanium preklopni noz 817 m
€65 excl. VAT

Lovecký nůž Hilwod L00817V - poloautomatický s titanovým povlakemVysoce kvalitní nůž EDC s rukojetí vyztuženou skelným vláknem G10 a čepelí potaženou titanem

Code: 035
ATZ1705PBBCF (1)
€114,67 –45 %
€51,93 excl. VAT

Zavírací nůž Artisan Jungle je zdařilou kombinací pohodlí a moderních trendů v nožířském průmyslu. Futuristický design a vysoce kvalitní materiály odlišují tento...

Code: 031
we knife sugga by mikkel 915b 1 1603024787 1200x1200 ft 90
€156,50 excl. VAT

The WE Knife Sugga is a solid pocket knife designed by Mikkel Willumsen. Sugga you can clearly see Mikkel Willumsen's design style. It can be recognized by its large dimensions,...

Code: 029
GB6069 1 (1)
€70,78 –38 %
€36,24 excl. VAT

Like alligators, Gator series knives are weather resistant.The crocodile texture of the Gator grip stands for perfect controllability in the dry as well as in the wet. Thanks to...

Code: 027
we knife jixx by mikkel willumsen 1 1602968774 1200x1200 ft 90
€182,64 excl. VAT

The 904 JIXX is WE's second collaboration with Danish custom knife maker Mikkel Willumsen, and it certainly won't be their last. The knife is large enough for tactical use while...

Code: 024
ae2d929b0faab9f3ac54a3ed21011d0a mm2000x2000
€138 –38 %
€70,22 excl. VAT

KIZER FLIP SHANK FOLDING KNIFE, CPM S35VN STEEL, TITANIUM/G10 HANDLE is a light and compact knife with a length of only 11 centimeters. Despite such small dimensions, the knife...

Code: 023
Kizer Kyre rear
€109,44 excl. VAT

A world-class knife with Czech roots made of top-quality materials, that's the Kizer Kyre. The authors of the design of this knife are David Michalík and Robert Chromčák from TK...

Code: 021
KZKI4468 02 kizer kzki4468 02
€104,21 excl. VAT

Kizer Intrepid M390 Framelock 3.75" closed. 3" satin finish Bohler M390 stainless blade. Titanium handle in silver matte finish. Extended thong. Pocket clip. Hole for...

Code: 020
€51,93 excl. VAT

The Mini Praxis Knife is a three-inch variant of the popular Praxis design and one of the best deals of the year. The original 3.75" blade folder had the reach and power you...

Code: 019
DELLINGER s koženým pouzdrem - lovecký nůž
€51,93 excl. VAT
Code: 014
Sekáček na maso, kosti - ruční výroba
€91,14 excl. VAT
Code: 012
€117,28 excl. VAT
Code: 011
NŮŽ 10,5 - MICARTA - Ruční výroba
€78,07 excl. VAT
Code: 005
VELKÝ KUCHYŇSKÝ  NŮŽ 35cm - MICARTA - Ruční výroba
€130,36 excl. VAT
Code: 004