Spy Bug Device

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€315,92 excl. VAT

Professional detector of GPS locators, GSM bugs, wiretaps, cameras and other WI-FI transmitters 50 MHz - 8.0 GHz A useful tool for quick and fast searching of GPS locators, GSM...

Code: WT10
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€34,80 excl. VAT

This miniature GPS locator is a compact GEO locator with dimensions of 42x26x15 mm. The position is determined using both GPS and GSM transmitters or a local WIFI network. This...

Code: GF22
€23,56 excl. VAT

The basic / cheapest variant of eavesdropping through a wall, which allows you to listen through up to about 20 cm wide walls.Eavesdropping over a wall is small, compact, and...

Code: HY-909
GSM eavesdropping with recording and with position locator-sound detection-calls back
€27,78 excl. VAT

The latest miniature GSM locator with eavesdropping and recording to a micro SD card - calls back Intelligent enhanced eavesdropping with recording, callback and in addition...

Code: GF07
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€192,93 excl. VAT

Top spy set for eavesdropping through the walls of the room on a professional level. These eavesdropping devices are made of the highest quality materials and are very...

Code: F999B
€45,35 excl. VAT

This GSM bug with motion detection can be used for remote monitoring via your mobile phone from anywhere in the world with GSM signal reception.

Code: PIRA9
profi detektor gsm gps cc311 1
€252,70 excl. VAT

Professional detector of GPS locators, GSM bugs, wiretaps, cameras and other WI-FI transmitters 1 MHZ-6000 MHZ A useful tool for a quick and quick search for GPS locators, GSM...

Code: CC311
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€31,60 excl. VAT

GSM bugs-Eavesdropping-Sound activation-Very sensitive-Calls back product descriptionThe GSM bug is a small, yet very powerful device that you can perfectly hide wherever you...

Code: N9
€62,64 excl. VAT

GSM / MMS eavesdropping / photo trap with camera and audio recording on micro SD up to 32GB card / Sound activation–bedbugs X009 With this GSM / MMS monitoring, you can listen...

Code: X009

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