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This miniature GPS locator is a compact GEO locator with dimensions of 42x26x15 mm. The position is determined using both GPS and GSM transmitters or a local WIFI network. This...

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The unique locator can track and locate objects, determine their position using GPS and then send you the exact coordinates via SMS to your phone (or to your computer via GPRS)....

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Magnetic GPS locator TK108 is a tracking device with a very long battery life of up to 100 days, simple operation and IP66 waterproofness.The TK108 GPS locator allows you to...

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Mini GPS navigation with location locator
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This miniature GPS is one of the smallest locators in the world. The I know device can help from unfamiliar terrain and will always guide you where you need to go.

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externi nabijecka pro gps hodinky tk 109 1
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solar gps lokator v33 1
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GPS locator with solar charging for pets-waterproof-web application for free online tracking How does it work?The device uses GSM / GPRS network signals and GPS satellites. The...

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gps hodinky s mobilem model kb600gsm[3]
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Locator / Tracker / GSM / GPRS mobile phone and GPS watch TK109 Reason for discount: Battery life when fully charged is only 7 hours. Optional external...

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GPS lokator v hodinkach TK209 1
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Watch with GPS - Tracking device / Position locator / Two - way communication - TK209 Useful equipment for the protection of small children, seniors and your loved ones. In...

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TK103B GPS / GSM / GPRS -High quality locator / tracking device for permanent connection to motor vehicles with eavesdropping-Ideal for fleets-22 Features. New slot for micro SD...

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GPS locator TK102-B with 12-24V charger for the vehicle
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TK102B GPS / GPRS / GSM locator + 12-24V power supply for permanent connection to the vehicle This is the original model TK102B-no copy The new improved model TK102B with...

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GPS Locator TK102-B-Shock Sensor / SD Slot / 18 Functions
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GPS / GPRS / GSM locator TK102B-Tracking device for people, vehicles, animals with internal memory, eavesdropping and magnet - 18 functions This is an original TK102B model -...

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