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This miniature GPS locator is a compact GEO locator with dimensions of 42x26x15 mm. The position is determined using both GPS and GSM transmitters or a local WIFI network. This...

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Magnetic GPS locator TK108 is a tracking device with a very long battery life of up to 100 days, simple operation and IP66 waterproofness.The TK108 GPS locator allows you to...

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TK103B GPS / GSM / GPRS -High quality locator / tracking device for permanent connection to motor vehicles with eavesdropping-Ideal for fleets-22 Features. New slot for micro SD...

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GPS locator TK102-B with 12-24V charger for the vehicle
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TK102B GPS / GPRS / GSM locator + 12-24V power supply for permanent connection to the vehicle This is the original model TK102B-no copy The new improved model TK102B with...

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GPS Locator TK102-B-Shock Sensor / SD Slot / 18 Functions
€56,55 excl. VAT

GPS / GPRS / GSM locator TK102B-Tracking device for people, vehicles, animals with internal memory, eavesdropping and magnet - 18 functions This is an original TK102B model -...

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